A Unique Advantage

AllSource Analysis is comprised of imagery, geospatial, GIS and open-source research specialists who understand the craft, technologies and processes needed to extract critical information from complex technologies and resources. Our experts integrate all sources of imagery and geospatial information to deliver valuable insight to business challenges in the areas of energy, finance and government in order to give our clients a competitive advantage.

Understanding the Dynamics of Change

Brightoil’s Zhoushan Petroleum Products Storage Facility
The Zhoushan storage facility is being developed on the island of Waidiao Shan (Wai Island), 153 km
southeast of Shanghai and 500 meters off the western shore of Zhoushan Qundao.
30° 03’ 30” N, 121° 57’ 55” E

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  • Specialized Experts

    AllSource Analysis was founded by some of the most experienced industry experts in commercial and governmental imagery, and open-source geospatial information and research. This rich background uniquely equips us to identify, extract and analyze detailed information from complex technologies and resources to solve critical business challenges.

  • Market Intelligence

    Our in-depth understanding of the industries we serve and the technologies and resources we utilize enables us to deliver the most timely, detailed and actionable intelligence, giving our customers unmatched situational awareness relating to the specific business challenges they face.

  • Global Reach

    Utilizing a broad range of complex technologies and resources, our experts have cultivated an unmatched ability to gather information from otherwise inaccessible global locations. The insight derived from these remote locations is used to construct a comprehensive global view of the most critical issues facing our customers around the world.

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • AllSource Analysis has been an unbelievable asset in HRNK’s guiding objectives to provide transparency on North Korea and to affect change for the betterment of the North Korean people. AllSource Analysis has the understanding, expertise and access to world-class technologies to provide us with the platform needed to expose the threats and problems facing the people of North Korea today.

    Greg ScarlatoiuThe Committee for Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK)
  • AllSource Analysis is not only a reseller of Airbus Defense and Space, they are a strategic partner in our efforts to provide the highest quality imagery and geospatial technology solutions to our global customer base.

    Airbus Defense and Space
  • How AllSource Analysis helps in crises like ISIS and Ukraine

    Approaching its one year anniversary, AllSource Analysis (ASA) is inching closer to generating a Series B offering to complement its 2014 seed funding of $500,000. In addition, the satellite imagery intelligence company is approaching the launch of its interactive web portal, where users will be able to easily search and find the information they need.

  • AllSource Analysis: Longmont’s Global Intelligence Hub

    That kind of advantageous information is now available legally, through the proliferation of data sets from commercial satellite imagery, for example. Albert Einstein observed that information, however, is not knowledge. Raw data means nothing without interpretation. And that is what AllSource Analysis, a rapidly-maturing startup in southwest Longmont, specializes in providing.

  • Allsource Analysis Appoints Chief Geospatial Officer; VP of Sales and Business Development

    LONGMONT, Colo. — Nov. 12, 2014 — Commercial imagery intelligence company AllSource Analysis Inc. (ASA) today appointed Andrew Dinville as Chief Geospatial Officer and Anthony Palizzi as Vice President of Sales and Business Development. CGO Dinville brings more than 25 years of geospatial and imagery expertise with experience ranging from the U.S. Department of Defense, […]

  • AllSource Analysis Forms First Board of Directors

    LONGMONT, Colo. — Oct. 28, 2014 — Commercial imagery intelligence and analytic products company AllSource Analysis, Inc. (ASA) today announced its first board of directors. Outside directors Peter Behrendt, Robert Bunting, Ryan Carr, Richard Herring and John Metzger join founding executives — CEO and Chairman Stephen Wood, Chief Analytics Officer Joseph Bermudez, Jr. and CMO […]