Company Overview

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  • AllSource uses satellites, airplanes, drones, social media, weather, news feeds and other real time data services to deliver Geospatial Intelligence produced by advanced software and analysis.

    These information sources provide Geospatial Intelligence – historical context and data analytic services – based on your needs. Our subscription service provides the data, knowledge and analysis needed to improve preparedness and deliver rapid, comprehensive, event-driven situational awareness. Fusing the expertise of a professional network of intelligence trained analysts and artificial intelligence provides AllSource the tools that deliver high priority insight, intelligence and wisdom seamlessly to customers, globally.


          • AllSource Analysis is an information aggregator providing customers strategic perspective at any scale via near real-time commercial intelligence.


          • AllSource subscriptions enable rapid critical decision-making to save money and time while reducing risk to infrastructure and lives.



Executive Leadership

Advisors and Board Members


  • Peter Behrendt

    After escaping from Soviet Bloc East Germany as a young man, Peter Behrendt had a 26-year career at IBM. After IBM, Mr. Behrendt went on to become CEO and chairman of Exabyte, leading the company to become one of America’s fastest growing public companies in the 1990s. Behrendt has served on the boards of Western Digital, Virtela, SMT and CenterBeam.

  • Richard N. Herring

    Richard N. Herring served as a senior executive at Ball Aerospace in positions including CIO and president of the Space Systems Division. After 27 years with Ball, Mr. Herring became CEO of EarthWatch (later renamed DigitalGlobe) and CEO of Spectral Solutions, and then COO after its acquisition by cellular spectrum enhancement provider ISCO International. Mr. Herring later was CEO of a non-profit real estate development company and Executive Director of Engineers Without Borders.

  • Stephen A. Wood

    Stephen A. Wood has more than 25 years of experience exploiting satellite imagery and performing all-source analysis for both government and commercial customers. In 14 years at the Central Intelligence Agency, Mr. Wood held a range of senior imagery intelligence-associated positions, giving him an in-depth record of imagery analytic and all-source material creation for a broad range of audiences, including high-ranking government officials, CEOs and the media. Before founding AllSource Analysis, Mr. Wood was the founder and Vice President of DigitalGlobe’s Analysis Center and led the U.S. Government Defense Sales team.

  • Joseph S. Bermudez

    Joseph S. Bermudez Jr. is an internationally recognized analyst, award-winning author and lecturer on North Korean defense and intelligence affairs and ballistic missile development in the Third World. He has more than 30 years of experience in the commercial analysis and publications industries. He has served as a senior analyst, editor, and author for IHS Jane’s (formerly the Jane’s Information Group), is the publisher and editor of KPA Journal, and joined DigitalGlobe’s Analysis Center in 2011 as senior analyst. He has authored four books and more than 100 articles, reports and monographs, has lectured extensively in the academic and government environments and worked as a consultant to U.S. and foreign governments. He has also testified before the U.S. Congress and United Nations as a subject matter expert.