AllSource Guardian

Battle-Tested Commercial Solution


AllSource Guardian from AllSource Analysis on Vimeo.


AllSource Guardian provides advanced security and situational awareness solutions enabling, real-time intelligence and a rapid response capability for both businesses and first responders. This transformational program leverages battlefield-proven defense technologies to proactively prepare, detect, respond and resolve critical issues that threaten people, organizations and property.


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    Smart ImageMaps provide a standardized, common operating picture for security personnel. Smart ImageMaps include a grid reference graphic of the area(s) of interest and are built identifying ingress/egress points, floor plans, and tactical information of the surrounding area. These maps can be printed, stored digitally and accessed through the cloud via a variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops as well as legacy security systems.




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    Smart ImageMaps are combined with asset and personnel tracking software that works on any mobile device allowing real-time location intelligence of essential personnel. A range of alert features enable employees to manage risk and request immediate assistance if required. Location based geo-fenced alerts are directed to employees warning of dangerous incidents or areas.






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    A comprehensive combination of Smart ImageMaps, a personnel tracking platform, acoustic, video and ground sensors and automated social media monitoring to identify emerging threats. Sensors are monitored continuously and managed by AllSource Guardian’s machine learning and artificial intelligence software platform. Drone(s) can also be installed at a facility inside a secure weatherproof drone port. Always ready to respond, the drone is secured in standby mode on-site and loaded with pre-programmed flight plans over the facility or area of interest.



    AllSource Guardian uses satellites, drones, sensors, social media monitoring and mobile technologies integrated with advanced software and data analytics to improve preparedness and deliver comprehensive situational awareness. By looking at security and risk from multiple vantage points, AllSource Guardian helps clients gain a common operating picture by integrating information and capabilities from a wide variety of data sources into one secure, on- line platform.


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