Kenyon Waugh – Chief Customer Officer

I have been in the GIS and geospatial industry for almost 20 years in roles with both large companies and startups, I enjoy the entrepreneurial efforts of starting something new. AllSource Analysis is at a stage where I truly enjoy, making things happen and seeing rapid results and growth. But that’s not the reason I decided to join the AllSource team, the main reason is the expertise in our network of analysts and being ahead of where the industry is evolving. I also believe that transforming AllSource into a subscription based company, a SaaS model will serve our customers much better.

I continually hear directly from customers that the traditional model is too expensive and takes much too long to get to the information and ultimately the answer. Cost of ownership both from the imagery and employee side makes looking at infrastructure across the globe too painful, expensive and, sometimes overkill. Most all technically savvy geospatial companies are utilizing algorithms and machine learning to accelerate and scale their spatial data efforts, we are certainly incorporating that into our work flow. Many others are integrating real-time alerts whether it be weather, social media, or news among several data feeds. We also believe that is a critical element to monitor change and AllSource offers similar capabilities.

The element that many miss or leave out is the expertise – the value of a person. The AllSource team knows through experience that all the data and tools are relevant but not powerful unless you fuel the engine with expertise. Data and advanced tools provide the quantification and notification while our Uber-like network of professional analysts provide the qualification to help customers understand why they should care, why it matters, how it affects their organization, and what actions need to be taken to remedy problems. The AllSource offering provides customers strategic perspective via near real-time commercial intelligence, which enables critical decision making that help save money, time and reduce risk to infrastructure and lives.

Partnering with BAE Systems and Hexagon Geospatial provides our network of expert analysts the tools and an online geospatial portal to provide near real-time intelligence. Customers have repeatedly expressed extreme interest in the expert analyst network and it is why we are launching the world’s first online Geospatial Intelligence Marketplace. Customers will get access to all our historic analytic content, the AllSource Geospatial Intelligence channel and subscribe to new channels produced by our expert analysts. Channels are ongoing monitoring programs based on region, theme, and industry and have tiers of subscriptions levels based on depth of analysis and timeliness. Subscribers also have the opportunity to interact with the analysts to create new channels.

My belief is that evolving AllSource into an online Geospatial Intelligence Marketplace provides our customers the most effective solution in the market today. Customers can subscribe to content and intelligence that is relevant, nothing more. They don’t have to own all of the geospatial data and infrastructure or employ the expertise, we do that for them, providing what matters without the cost and complexity of the infrastructure. We monitor their critical sites and provide them intelligence when things change, not only what has changed but what it means to them, insight for our customers to make critical decisions.

We are working with customers in the Oil and Gas Industry, financial markets and insurance industry to deploy solutions that provide imagery, and most importantly context to spatial data through expert analysis.