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The energy marketplace is constantly undergoing massive transformations. With recent pressure on profits, business leaders and investors must understand the dynamic change before it happens and be able to plan for and respond as it unfolds.

New technologies have upset long-established relationships in the energy marketplace. To gain an unfair advantage, speed in the market is the key driver for success.  How can policy makers and investors make the right decisions with so much uncertainty about the future of energy?  AllSource will help you gain a unique advantage based on our knowledge and experience with spatial data, cloud computing and real-world experience combined with your custom needs.

6 Unique Advantages AllSource Provides Energy Customers

AllSource provides critical intelligence that maximizes profit, saves operating costs, drives strategy, mitigates risk and informs decision making. Having access to a global view of rapidly changing areas affect the way energy is created, shipped, stored and utilized and makes you more effective.

• Denied or inaccessible areas
• Competitive intelligence
• Facility development and monitoring
• Historical trends
• Acquisition and divesture support
• Environmental monitoring

Choose the Energy Advantage that is Right for You


Discovery is a rapid analysis report that provides a quick understanding of important developments and changes that impact the energy industry. A larger baseline Analysis or Insight report followed by the rapid delivery of ongoing Discovery reports can help you track critical ongoing change.


Analysis is a more in-depth report on an area to extract the most important information to the energy industry. More rich imagery and analysis, including historical imagery and larger areas, allow you to make the most informed decisions. Analysis reports are an effective baseline look at a critical area that can be supplemented with regular Discovery reports to monitor ongoing change.


Insight reports provide full-scale situational awareness and change detection within a larger geographic area providing in-depth information on an ongoing thematic issue or activity of concern, such as trends, capacity, volume, development, status and progress. Analysis reports deliver the most comprehensive view and analysis of an area to understand all aspects of activities and change that impact the energy industry.

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