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Insurance and Financial

The global economy is complex and interconnected. In order to understand worldwide impacts on specific investments, financial professionals need a fast and easy way to monitor global activities and areas of change.

AllSource Analysis allows financial professionals to take as focused of a look at worldwide events and activities as needed to understand the contextual financial landscape and focus on specific areas that represent opportunity or risk.

6 Unique Advantages AllSource Provides Insurance and Financial Customers

Accessing an extensive network of imaging, geospatial and open-source information, AllSource Analysis gives financial and investment companies a competitive advantage by transforming data that is:

(Clean + Compliant + Publicly available + Rapid + Unique) = (Actionable intelligence + Opportunity)

• Denied or inaccessible areas 
• Supply chain disruption monitoring
• Facility development and monitoring
• Historical trends
• Volume/Traffic metrics
• Disaster impacts

Choose the Energy Advantage that is Right for You


Discovery is a rapid analysis report that provides a quick understanding of important developments and changes that impact the energy industry. A larger baseline Analysis or Insight report followed by the rapid delivery of ongoing Discovery reports can help you track critical ongoing change.


Analysis is a more in-depth report on an area to extract the most important information to the energy industry. More rich imagery and analysis, including historical imagery and larger areas, allow you to make the most informed decisions. Analysis reports are an effective baseline look at a critical area that can be supplemented with regular Discovery reports to monitor ongoing change.


Insight reports provide full-scale situational awareness and change detection within a larger geographic area providing in-depth information on an ongoing thematic issue or activity of concern, such as trends, capacity, volume, development, status and progress. Analysis reports deliver the most comprehensive view and analysis of an area to understand all aspects of activities and change that impact the energy industry.

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