Doug Gerull – Chief Technology Officer:

Change is upon us, and that change is itself morphing, faster and faster.  As we, as individuals and employees attempt to understand the new and evolving business models, those same businesses are addressing a host of different issues. From moving data centers to the cloud, to outsourcing and to hiring and bringing on contract employees or consultants. The way everyone works and interacts is changing.

Looking at the world through the lens of accelerations can make us all uncomfortable. Then there are those who view this as the next opportunity. That’s the community I joined, or rather we all joined, at AllSource Analysis. We are combining the SaaS model from the software tool providers with an extensive network of content providers and finally with a group of analysts who bring their experience and expertise in using those tools and content. Everyone I have had the pleasure of interacting with at AllSource Analysis is committed to delivering the information and insight that enable customers to stay ahead of the changes happening all around them.

Looking back into the not so distant past, “Geospatial-Intelligence” was a government term used by wonks surrounding the beltway and had little impact on the rest of us. Then communities both large and small started bringing their geospatial data together. With the advancing ease of use from the tools plus the increasing volume of available geospatial content, suddenly geospatial was everywhere. This does not mean that budgets at the government or industry level can support having a staff of qualified analysts on hand. Once again, this is an opportunity for us at Allsource. Our unique partnership with our analysts allows us to network the community of experts so that they are available to meet the increasing demand for their services.

Working together we can assist the spectrum of organizations with their analysis needs. From government entities to large and small non-profits, from the oil & gas industry to insurance and finance, the demand is here. All these organizations are continuing to demand more than just data. They want information, and, most frequently, more than the information. They want to understand the impact that information will have on their businesses and communities. We are fortunate that the partnerships at Allsource Analysis enable our Analysts to rapidly respond to the host of demands for insight and intelligence.

The model that the team at Allsource has constructed allows us to evolve with new tools and the most current content to stay ahead of the growing demand. And, we are fortunate that the changing eco-system, or business models, have enabled this opportunity.
I look forward to working with, for and alongside everyone. From our customers to the Analysts, we empower one another’s success.