Daniel Urchick is the senior defense analyst for South Asia and the Asia-Pacific at Aviation Week Network, the world’s leading aviation reporting and analysis company. He has over a decade of experience with Asian security issues. Daniel holds a B.A. in history and political science from Central Michigan University, a M.A. in Political Science from Central Michigan University and a M.A. in Security Policy Studies, focusing on defense analysis and Asia, from George Washington University. He has previously worked at the Department of Defense as a contractor, the Hudson Institute, the Institute for the Study of War, are served as a East Europe & Eurasia Fellow at YPFP. His analysis has been featured in Aviation Week’s publications as well as the Small Wars Journal, Defence IQ, and the Diplomat.

Since joining AllSource Analysis, Daniel has assisted the team of analysts who identified and categorized military facilities as part of the contract awarded by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Anything-as-a- Service (XaaS) program to identify and monitor North Korean Military Facilities. Daniel has also provided monitoring and artificial intelligence (AI) feedback in support of a project for enhanced monitoring of maritime activity.

Training and Education:
BA, History and Political Science, Central Michigan University, 2013
MA, Political Science, Central Michigan University, 2015
MA, Security Policy Studies: Asian Security & Defense Analysis, George Washington University, 2018

United States of America

Active Channels:
Kashmir Regional Security Intelligence
Sub-Saharan African Military Aviation
Middle East Refugee Camp Overwatch

Areas and Geographies of Expertise:
Military equipment & infrastructure (air, ground, naval), monitoring ongoing military, security, humanitarian operations, general conflict monitoring

China, Russia, India, Sub-Saharan Africa

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