Frank Pabian is a globally recognized expert in the fields of nuclear non-proliferation and geospatial intelligence analysis with a half century of experience, which includes employment at both US and European National Nuclear Laboratories. During 1996-98, Frank was a Nuclear Chief Inspector for the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) during ground inspections in Iraq, focusing primarily on equipment/materials “Hide Sites” and “Capable Sites” potentially associated with weapons of mass destruction development and/or production. His Iraq Action Team’s efforts helped garner support for the IAEA and its Director General to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Frank received numerous awards for Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty verification support activities and associated discoveries derived from original analysis of all-source information. Frank was inducted as a Los Alamos National Laboratory Fellow in 2014, having served as the senior geospatial open-source information analyst in the Global Security and the Physical Sciences Directorates to help solve key intelligence questions in a geospatial context. Frank is continuing as an Affiliate at Stanford University’s Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC) where a Research Fellow during the 2011-2012 academic year.

Training and Education:
Penn State World Campus, 2009
Remote Sensing Image Analysis and Applications
George Washington University, Engineering Department, 1980
Synthetic Aperture Radar for Remote Sensing Applications
Harvard University, School of Design 1979
Air Photographic Interpretation and Terrain Analysis
United States Air Force, Strategic Air Command, 1972
Defense Sensor Interpretation and Applications Training Program
University of California, Berkeley, BA, Geology, 1971
Physical Geology with minor in Remote Sensing for Resource Development

United States of America

Active Channels:

Middle East Regional Security Intelligence

Areas and Geographies of Expertise:

Nuclear Nonproliferation & related infrastructure analysis, monitoring new GEOINT developments

Middle East, East Asia, South Asia

Frank Pabian, Iran Nuclear Channel, Natanz Tunnel Construction, Iran

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