Summit Effects LLC, owned by Kevin Pruitt, is a full-service geospatial solution company that provides aerial imagery, drone inspections, and GIS analysis.

Kevin has nearly 20 years of experience using GIS to generate, acquire, and analyze data that has proven to create value at every company ranging from small start-ups to mid-sized public companies with large GIS, geological, engineering, and land departments.

His knowledge of GIS architecture, shared mapping platforms, and forward-thinking solutions has generated over $1 billion in value.  Kevin has proven skills in oil and gas exploration and production, mineral leasing, land management, operations, acquisition and divestment of assets.

Kevin’s first work with AllSource Analysis was to provide GIS solutions for the team of analysts who identified and categorized military facilities as part of the contract awarded by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) program to identify and monitor North Korean Military Facilities.

Recently, Summit Effects adopted drone technology as a specialized service for oil and gas industries, renewable energy, real estate, insurance, construction, and other commercial applications.

Training and Education:
ESRI ArcMap GIS, ArcGIS Server Enterprise, Portal, and other ESRI extensions, MapInfo Pro, ER Mapper, Geographix, Geocortex, Petra, Petrel, Global Mapper, Spotfire, Enertia, LandWorks, Landdox, sUAS, FAA Part 107, GPS, Hyperspectral Imaging, Remote Sensing, LiDAR, UAS Thermography, Aerial Photography, Digital Elevation Models, Pipeline and Infrastructure Data, IHS Enerdeq, DrillingInfo, Microsoft Office, SQL Server, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, digital plotters, and large format scanners.

Interned at The National Geographic Society; Extensive training in ESRI technologies and solutions.

B.S. Geography, Resource and Environmental Science; Masters and Ph.D. level coursework in GIS, Photogrammetry, and Remote Sensing

Part 107 UAV Remote Pilot License, UAS Thermography I and II, Telecom I and II, Surveying, Commercial Real Estate Inspector, Pistol Instructor, Asst. Instructor Progressive Kenpo Systems

United States of America

Active Channels:

No work yet.

Areas and Geographies of Expertise:

Major Tight Oil and Shale Gas Plays Lower 48 States, Conventional and Unconventional E&P, Acquisitions and Divestments of O&G Assets, Renewable Energy, Geographic Information Systems, and UAV Pilot and Operator

United States, North Korea

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