Senior Intelligence Officer with thirty one years of experience within the Central Intelligence Agency (embedded into National Geospatial Intelligence Agency).

Performed GEOINT analysis to satisfy customer requirements within other intelligence agencies, Homeland Security, policy makers, US Military, and our US Allied Partners overseas. In-Depth knowledge of Imagery analysis tradecraft. And proven success in a variety of assignments: staff officer, senior analyst, team lead, and branch chief. Served overseas assignments in United Kingdom, Turkey, and Germany. Proficiency in a variety of duties as a Project Manager, Instructor for analytical tradecraft, and software systems. Served a one year rotation as Senior officer for the HR/EO Diversity Program for CIA. Led teams of 8-10 people and manager of a branch of 19 people in various classified government programs.

Training and Education:
2006 Master of Business Administration-American Intercontinental University-combined specialty of business and organizational management,  1983 Bachelor of Science-Ball State University-Photojournalism (major) English (minor).

OJT Training: NIAC-Analitical Tradecraft Course, NPIC Leadership Development Program, NGA Applied Leadership Program,
CFE Treaty Orientation Course, Military Analysis Seminar,
USAF Special Operations School-Middle East Orientation Course,
NPIC Military Familiarization Course (MILFAM).

Geospatial Intelligence Professional Certification-NGA GPC-F & IA Level I/Level II, Review of NGA Intelligence Reporting,
Conventional Armed Forces In Europe (CFE) Inspectors Certification.

United States of America

Active Channels:

Areas and Geographies of Expertise:

Policy-critical issues & concerns, Military-infrastructure/weapon systems/monitoring deployments & engagements, Disaster-assistance to rescue organizations, Refugee migration overseas-monitor tent camps and cities, Homeland-monitor US/MX border, Ebola-tracking the disease.

1999 Turkish earthquake-for both Turkey & US policymakers, Refugee migration & tent camps-US policymakers, Homeland security/border issues-US policymakers & US Border officials, Ebola-Africa * US policymakers and Dept. of Diseases.

Eurasisa, Africa, Southwest Asia


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