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D.J. Mallmann

North Africa and the Sahel

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Military – Security – Financial

Establish baseline reporting on North African and Sahel countries, either country and order of battle wide or select facilities (i.e. underground facilities, tank garrisons, naval bases, etc.). Monitor major (and minor) military bases. This includes providing updates on new military hardware deliveries. All military orders of battles (AOB, NOB, MOB, GOB, EOB). Also include identifying new base construction. Identify and monitor key I&W facilities. Baseline and monitor oilfields and oilfield infrastructure – to include offshore platforms. Monitor improvements (degradation) of export facilities. All of these countries have the potential to affect US foreign policy and that of our regional allies. Creation of an imagery report, supplementary to the DoD Country studies, is possible for a longer term project. Imagery confirmation of oilfield activities (past and current expansions) and confirmation of pipeline routes, pump stations and refineries produced.

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