Senior Intelligence Officer with twenty-eight years’ experience within: Central Intelligence Agency, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Defense Intelligence Agency (embedded in the National Photographic intelligence Center -NPIC) service performing GEOINT Analysis in broad range of cross discipline as well as in-depth knowledge of Imagery Analysis tradecraft and collection tasking/management skills while encompassing new and creative collection strategies to satisfy historic and emerging intelligence issues. Performed in-depth imagery analysis while working with international partners and deployments in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Bahrain, providing cross cultural experiences; extensive overseas, and U.S. partnership support. Proven success in division/branch senior analyst and team-lead management positions.

Well versed in various worldwide Military installations, oil & gas processing, transportation nodes, high value facilities in the course of 28 years of experience in the intelligence community.

Proficient with a variety of remote sensors and spectral algorithms using current IC and commercial imaging platforms from Space, airborne, drones, foreign sources and handhelds. Performed multiple analysis based on various sensors from Electro-optical, radar, Infrared, hyperspectral, commercial and various sensors.

Training and Education:
Bachelor of Science-California State-Fullerton-Political Science (Major) International Relations (Minor),

OJT Training: NPIC-National Imagery Analysis Course (NIAC), NGA Applied Leadership Program,  NGA Leadership Potential,  US Department of State-Foreign Service Institute (FSI):  Latin America and Caribbean Regional Seminar,  US Department of State (FSI): Middle East Regional Seminar, DIA: Military Analysis Seminar, USAF Special Operations School-Middle East Orientation Course, CIA Fundamentals of Intelligence.
CIA: National Warning Course, NGA/CIA: Counterterrorism course,
DIA/CIA Counter-Insurgency Warfare Course

NGA: Geospatial Intelligence Professional Certification-(GPC-F & Imagery Analyst Level I/Level II, NGA/CIA/DIA Intelligence Reporting Courses,
NRO/NGA: AGI Analytic Courses, NGA: Geospatial Open Source Course,
NGA: Geospatial Intelligence Requirement Management, NGA:Thermal Infrared Advance Geospatial Course, NRO/NGA: Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Course, NGA: Remotely Sensed Imagery Course, NGA: Multispectral Analysis Course

United States of America

Active Channels:

Areas and Geographies of Expertise:

Counter-Terrorism, Counterinsurgency, All Order of Battles, Homeland, Aviation, Strategic Intelligence, Tactical Intelligence, National intelligence, Imagery analyst, Bomb Damage Assessment, Indication and Warning, Security assessment, industries, transportation nodes, Patriot and THAAD

Middle East, Levant, Latin America and Caribbean, Southwest and Southeast Asia, Balkan, North and South Africa region.



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