Sim Tack is a Global Analyst at US-based geopolitical intelligence firm Stratfor, and Chief Military analyst at Force Analysis, which provides data and analysis on armed conflicts and defense policy. Sim focuses on the study of strategic geopolitical dynamics, with an emphasis on international security and the operational aspects of armed conflicts. Sim also was a subject matter expert (focused on Somalia) for Jane’s from 2010 to 2012.

Training and Education:
BSc International Relations – London School of Economics and Political Science,
MA Security and Intelligence Studies – University of Buckingham

Conflict Analysis – United States Institute of Peace, Conflict Management and Negotiation – Inter-American Defense College, National Security and Defense Strategy – Inter-American Defense College


Active Channels:

Areas and Geographies of Expertise:

Military Analysis, Conflict Analysis, SOCMINT, OSINT, Geopolitics, terrorism, insurgency

Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East, Russia, Europe


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